The GSD platform is the industry benchmark for the longest manufactured and supported batch ion implanter. The Ovation? is the latest batch configuration designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing fleet of 秀色短视频 batch implanters, while providing incremental performance improvements with updated components for long-term sustainability. The Ovation extends the GSD series platform’s production relevance into the future while delivering the highest reliability, serviceability and lowest cost of operations.

100% Forward Sustainability

The new Ovation configuration is the industry’s tool of record for capacity expansion and beyond. Innovative improvements like the Virtual Machine RAID Workstation with the High Performance Endstation combined with a proactive continuous improvement roadmap enables the fastest most cost effective way to extend, optimize and sustain platform capability.

Improved Reliability

The system features a 95% reduction in mishandles and wafer breakage for in-vacuum wafer handling. The Ovation platform provides continuous reliability programs and robust software support to ensure the highest level of tool uptime.

Cost of Operation

The combination of the innovative Hydrogen Generator, Source Bushing Shields and Extended Life Extraction Electrodes deliver up to 40% reduction in source operating costs especially with fluorinated species.