Our Purion M ion implanters offer the broadest spectrum of mid-current doses available, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet today’s evolving implant requirements. With high energy capability far beyond competitive implanters, the Purion M is ideal for fabs at higher elevations or those dealing with heavy mass species. Yet it’s 20% more energy efficient than competing platforms, contributing the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.


Hybrid beamline design employs both magnetic and electrostatic filtration for best-in-class metals performance at all energy levels—ideal for image sensor applications.


Advanced angle control features in-situ X and Y measurement and control for extreme precision. Unique Constant Focal Length Scanning delivers precisely consistent beam dose, angle, energy, and density across the entire wafer surface.


Our unique EternaTM ELS source offers the industry’s broadest energy range (2KeV – 1 MeV) for unmatched implant efficiency. Our high-speed Purion End Station enables throughput of up to 500 WPH. Purion M offers the industry-leading productivity for SiC doping applications with highest Al+ beam current and unique hot implant (up to 650°C) capability running in production fabs.